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nityam: neuter nominative singular stem: nitya
nityam: masculine accusative singular stem: nitya
nityam: neuter accusative singular stem: nitya
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satatam1.1.66NeuterSingularanavaratam, aśrāntam, ajasram, santatam, aviratam, aniśam, nityam, anāratameternal or continually
valajaḥ3.3.37NeuterSingularnityam, svakam
Monier-Williams Search
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nityamind. always, constantly, regularly, by all means etc. (na nityam-,never; nityam an-ādāta-,never a receiver ) . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nityamayamf(ī-)n. formed or consisting of anything eternal View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nityamuktamfn. emancipated for ever ( nityamuktatva -tva- n.), View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nityamuktatvan. nityamukta
anityamind. occasionally. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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nitya a. inward, innate; own (V.); constant, perpetual, eternal; always abiding in, devoted to (--°ree;); regular, essential, neces sary: °ree;-or -m, ad. constantly, perpetually, always; invariably; na nityam, not always; never; -samâsa, m. necessary or fast com pound, i. e. one that cannot be resolved with out destroying the meaning; -svarita, m. necessary, i. e. independent svarita.
sthita pp. [√ sthâ] standing, -up (opp. walking, sitting, lying); standing firm (in battle); staying, remaining, situated, in a place (lc., ad., --°ree;; common mg.); being in a condition or position (in., ab., lc., --°ree;, n. in app.; more commonly ad., pp., pr. pt., gd.; w. pr. pt. or gd.=continually; ord. mg.); engaged in, intent on, addicted or devoted to, practising, persevering in (lc., --°ree;); abiding in, conforming to, following (command etc., lc.); being in office; steady, kept (agreement, counsel); settled, generally accepted (also Br.); determined, resolved upon; firmly con vinced; firmly resolved to (inf., lc. of vbl. n.); ready to (d.); being there, existing, present, come (time); directed to (lc., --°ree;; effort, gaze); resting or dependent on (lc.); conducing (oppression) to (d.); remaining, left (rare); having desisted or stopped; un accompanied by iti (in the Padapâtha); stand ing alone: -m, n. imps. it was stood by (in.) =he waited; anityam sthitah, not remain ing permanently, staying only a short time; purah --, =imminent; parasparam sthitau, standing face to face (as foes); muktâ½âkâ ra-tayâ --, resting in the form of (=like) a pearl (drop of water); pade sthite,=in the Padapâtha; n. standing still, staying: -vat, pp. act. being, in (lc.).
Bloomfield Vedic
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nityam āditya raśmibhiḥ AVP.4.16.7c.
Vedabase Search
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nityam alwaysBG 9.6
CC Antya 12.1
MM 41
SB 10.10.16
SB 10.24.24
SB 10.29.15
SB 10.4.32
SB 10.41.35
SB 10.43.34
SB 10.43.37
SB 10.45.17-18
SB 10.45.8
SB 10.48.30
SB 10.60.35
SB 10.85.41-43
SB 10.90.1-7
SB 11.1.4
SB 11.1.8
SB 11.14.16
SB 11.18.44
SB 11.6.40-41
SB 12.12.59
SB 3.23.3
SB 3.7.20
SB 3.8.9
SB 4.29.41
SB 4.7.43
SB 5.5.10-13
SB 5.6.4
SB 6.18.52
SB 7.11.15
SB 7.11.26-27
SB 7.13.33
nityam always existingBG 2.21
nityam as an eternal functionBG 3.31
nityam constantBG 13.8-12
MM 18
SB 10.27.15
SB 10.66.24
SB 2.4.2
nityam constantlySB 1.10.27
SB 10.23.18
SB 10.47.36
SB 11.2.33
SB 11.26.28
SB 12.3.39-40
SB 3.23.1
SB 8.23.10
nityam constantly (engaged)SB 10.3.36
nityam constantly existingCC Madhya 21.51
CC Madhya 21.88
nityam dailySB 4.28.35-36
SB 6.18.57
SB 6.19.9
SB 7.15.70
nityam eternalSB 11.8.31
SB 12.4.15-19
SB 2.10.34
SB 2.6.40-41
SB 3.26.10
SB 3.5.21
SB 4.21.38
SB 4.22.47
nityam eternallyBG 11.52
BG 2.30
BG 3.15
CC Madhya 24.117
SB 10.1.28
SB 11.31.24
SB 4.21.42
SB 4.24.37
SB 6.5.39
SB 7.8.46
SB 9.1.4
nityam for all timeSB 1.14.44
nityam foreverBG 2.26
nityam from time immemorialSB 1.2.22
nityam perpetuallyBG 10.9
SB 10.12.13
nityam regularlyCC Madhya 11.32
SB 1.2.18
SB 1.7.11
SB 10.80.4
SB 11.28.43
SB 11.29.28
SB 12.3.15
SB 2.7.53
SB 3.9.40
SB 4.20.9
SB 4.22.22
SB 4.22.35
SB 7.11.25
nityam regularly by the principles of natureSB 5.12.8
nityam regularly, alwaysSB 1.11.25
SB 2.8.4
nityam the eternal spirit soulSB 7.2.49
nityam twenty-four hours a dayBG 18.51-53
nityam without cessation, continuouslySB 7.11.23
anityam temporaryBG 9.33
anityam the temporary material bodySB 7.2.49
anityam temporarySB 7.2.58
anityam not eternalSB 11.9.29
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nityam indeclinable always
Frequency rank 175/72933
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nityaḥ, nityam, nityā, śāśvatam, śāśvatī, śāśvataḥ, sadātanī, sadātanaḥ, sadātanam, sanātanaḥ, sanātanī, sanātanam   

niyamena bhavaḥ,kālatrayavyāpī;

īśvaraḥ śāśvataḥ asti। /mā niṣāda pratiṣṭhāṃ tvamagamaḥ śāśvatīḥ samāḥ yat krauñcamithunād ekamavadhīḥ kāmamohitam।


pratidinam, pratidivasam, prativāsarama, anudinam, nityam   

dine dine।

saḥ pratidinaṃ pūjayati।


sadā, nityam, sarvadā, pratikṣaṇam, sarvaśaḥ, sarvakālam, śaśvat, sadam, āpradivam, pradivaḥ, śaśvat, sanāt, aharniśam, pratyaham   

kṣaṇe kṣaṇe।

sarvaiḥ sadā satyam eva vaktavyam।



niyatarūpeṇa vā niyatasamaye vā।

mama pitā nityaṃ pūjanam arcanaṃ ca karoti।

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