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ninye: third person singular tense paradigm perfect class ātmanepada
ninye: first person singular tense paradigm perfect class ātmanepada
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(for 1.See) cl.1 P. A1. () nayati- te- (perfect tense P. nināya-,2. sg. ninetha- plural nīnima- ; subjunctive ninīth/as- Potential ninīyāt- ; imperative ninetu- ; A1. ninye- etc.; -nayām āsa- ; -nayāṃ cakre- ; Aorist P.3. dual number anītām- subjunctive n/eṣi-, neth/ā- ; anaiṣīt- subjunctive neṣati-, ṣat-,3. plural A1. aneṣata- ; anayīt- ; future neṣyati- ; te- ; nayiṣyati-, te- ; n/etā-, nayitā- ; ind.p. nītvā- etc.; nayitvā- ; n/īya- etc.; infinitive mood neṣ/aṇi- ; n/etavai-, tos-and nayitum- ; n/etum- etc.), to lead, guide, conduct, direct, govern (also with agram-and genitive case; see agra-ṇī-) etc. ; to lead etc. towards or to (accusative with or without prati- dative case, locative case or artham- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') ; to lead or keep away, exclude from (ablative) ; (A1.) to carry off for one's self (as a victor, owner etc.) ; (A1.,rarely P.) to lead home id est marry ; to bring into any state or condition (with accusative exempli gratia, 'for example' with vaśam-,to bring into subjection, subdue[A1. ; P. ];with śūdra-tām-,to reduce to a śūdra- ;with sākṣyam-[A1.],to admit as a witness, ;with vyāghra-tām-,to change into a tiger ;with vikrayam-,to sell ;with paritoṣam-,to satisfy ;with duḥkham-,to pain ;rarely, with locative case exempli gratia, 'for example' duhitṛ-tve-,to make a person one's daughter ;or with an adverb in -sāt- exempli gratia, 'for example' bhasmasāt-to reduce to ashes ) ; to draw (a line etc.) ; to pass or spend (time) etc. ; (with daṇḍam-) to bear the rod id est inflict punishment (with vyavahāram-) to conduct a process ; (with kriyām-) to conduct a ceremony, preside over a religious act ; to trace, track, find out, ascertain, settle, decide (with anyathā-,"wrongly") etc. ; (A1.) to be foremost or chief : Causal nāyayati-, te-, to cause to lead etc. ; to cause to be led by (instrumental case) (see Va1rtt. 5 ) : Desiderative n/inīṣati-, te- ( , w. r. nineṣati-), to wish to lead or bring or carry to or into (accusative or dative case) etc. ; to wish to carry away ; to wish to spend or pass (time) ; to wish to exclude from (ablative) ; to wish to find out or ascertain, investigate : Intensive nenīy/ate- to lead as a captive, have in one's power, rule, govern View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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tava tye soma pavamāna niṇye # RV.9.92.4a.
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ninye broughtSB 8.15.33
SB 8.23.24
SB 8.24.16
ninye carried or broughtSB 9.9.10
ninye forcibly tookCC Adi 6.73
ninye gave himSB 9.9.20-21
ninye He broughtSB 10.52.5
ninye He took awaySB 10.83.8
ninye He took me awaySB 10.83.13-14
ninye ledSB 11.30.24
ninye passedSB 3.22.36
ninye passed awaySB 4.8.72
ninye tookSB 10.83.12
ninye was broughtCC Antya 9.1
āninye brought toSB 4.1.5
āninye broughtSB 8.8.10
āninye caused to be broughtSB 8.20.17
āninye He broughtSB 10.14.42
anuninye began to flatterSB 4.26.20
sanninye arranged for restartingSB 4.7.48
unninye He has lifted upSB 10.30.30
unninye she raisedSB 10.33.9
unninye vibrated (another gopī)SB 10.33.9
upaninye he gotSB 6.1.66
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