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nartam: neuter nominative singular stem: narta
nartam: neuter accusative singular stem: narta
nartam: masculine accusative singular stem: narta
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abhyāgāramind. (1. gṝ-), so as to call or shout to each other (at the different steps of a dance) id est repeating separately, (See also abhi-ni-nartam-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nṛt cl.4 P. () n/ṛtyati- (Epic also te-; perfect tense nanarta-, nanṛtur- ; Aorist anartiṣur- ; -nṛtur-[ see ā-nṛt-]; parasmE-pada nṛt/amāna-[?] ; future nartiṣyati- etc.; nartsyati-and nartitā- grammar; infinitive mood nartitum-and narttum- etc.; ind.p. nartitvā- , -nartam- ), to dance etc. etc. ; to act on the stage, represent (accusative) etc. ; to dance about (accusative) : Causal nart/ayati-, te-, to cause to dance etc. etc.: Desiderative ninṛtsati- and ninartiṣati- : Intensive narīnartti- ; narīnṛtyate-, ti- ; narnartti-, narnṛtīti-, narīnṛtīti- grammar , to dance about or cause to dance about (see naṭ-).
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prajāpateḥ priyāṃ tanuvam anārtāṃ prapadye # TB.
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