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praṇam( nam-) P. A1. -ṇamati-, te- (ind.p. -ṇamya-) to bend or bow down before (often with mūrdhnā-, śirasā-etc.), make obeisance to (dat genitive case locative case or accusative) etc.: Causal -mayati-, (ind.p. -namayya-), to cause a person (accusative) to bow before (dative case) ; to bow, incline View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vinamP. A1. -namati-, te-, to bend down, bow down, stoop etc.: Causal -nāmayati-, or -namayati- (ind.p. -nāmya-and -namayya-), to bend down, incline, bend (a bow) ; (in gram.) to cerebralize or change into a cerebral letter (see -nāmita-).

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