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namanti: third person plural present present class 1 parasmaipadanam
namanti: neuter accusative plural stem: namat.
namanti: neuter nominative plural stem: namat.
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ānamP. (3. plural -namanti- etc.; infinitive mood -n/amam- ) A1. (imperative 3. plural /ānamantām- ) to bend down, bend, bow, incline etc. ; to do homage, salute reverently etc. ; to condescend ; to be propitious (as gods to men) ; to bring near ; to bend towards or near ; to subdue : Causal -nāmayati- and -namayati-, to inflect, bend (a bow), cause to bend, subdue View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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namanti bow downSB 1.4.11
namanti offer respectSB 4.9.47
namanti they are bowing downSB 10.15.5
namanti they offer obeisancesSB 12.10.28
ānamanti offered their respectsSB 1.15.21
ninamanti how down toSB 12.8.42

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