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nṛm. (accusative n/aram- dative case n/are- genitive case ablative n/aras-, locative case n/ari-; dual number n/arā-, n/arau-; plural Nominal verb vocative case n/aras- accusative n/ṝn-[may also stand for other cases;for the final, n-before p- see ] instrumental case n/ṛbhis-,or nṛbh/is-; dative case ablative n/ṛbhya-or nṛbhy/as- locative case n/ṛṣu-or nṛṣ/u-[ ] genitive case nar/ām-. nṛṇām-or nṝṇām-[ ]) a man, hero (used also of gods) , person View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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