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mocayati: third person singular present causative present class parasmaipadamuc
mocayati: neuter locative singular causative stem: mocayat.
mocayati: masculine locative singular causative stem: mocayat.
mocayatī: neuter accusative dual causative stem: mocayat.
mocayatī: neuter nominative dual causative stem: mocayat.
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muc cl.6 P. A1. () muñc/ati-, te- ( also, muc/anti-, mucasva-; parasmE-pada muñcāna- ; perfect tense, mum/oca-, mumuc/e-, Vedic or Veda , also, mum/ocat-, m/umocati-, mumucas-, mumoktu-, amumuktam-; Aorist /amok- ; imperative mogdh/i- ; amauk- ; /amucat- ; amukṣi-, mukṣata- ; preceding mucīṣṭa- ; mukṣīya- ; future, moktā-, ; mokṣyati-, te- etc.; infinitive mood moktum- etc.; ind.p. muktv/ā- , -m/ucya- , m/okam-, ), to loose, let loose, free, let go, slacken, release, liberate ("from", ablative or -tas-; A1.and Passive voice with ablative or instrumental case,rarely with genitive case"to free one's self, get rid of, escape from") etc., etc. (with kaṇṭham-,to relax the throat id est raise a cry;with raśmīn-,to slacken the reins;with prāṇān-,to deprive of life, kill) ; to spare, let live ; to set free, allow to depart, dismiss, despatch ("to" , loc. or dative case) etc. ; to relinquish, abandon, leave, quit, give up, set aside, depose (with kalevaram-, deham-, prāṇān-or jīvitam-,to quit the body or give up the ghost id est to die) ; to yield, grant, bestow ; to send forth, shed, emit, utter, discharge, throw, cast, hurl, shoot at ("or upon" locative case dative case,or accusative with or without prati-;with ablative and ātmānam-,to throw one's self down from) etc. ; (A1.) to put on (Scholiast or Commentator) : Passive voice mucy/ate- (or m/ucyate-, Epic also ti-and future mokṣyati-; Aorist /amoci-), to be loosed, to be set free or released etc. ; to deliver one's self from, to get rid of, escape (especially from sin or the bonds of existence) etc. ; to abstain from (ablative) ; to be deprived or destitute of (instrumental case) : Causal mocayati- (mc. also te-; Aorist amūmucat-), to cause to loose or let go or give up or discharge or shed (with two accusative) ; to unloose, unyoke, unharness (horses) ; to set free, liberate, absolve from (ablative) etc. ; to redeem (a pledge) ; to open (a road) ; to give away, spend, bestow ; to gladden, delight, yield enjoyment : Desiderative of Causal mumocayiṣati-, to wish to deliver (from the bondage of existence) (confer, compare, mumocayiṣu-): Desiderative mumukṣati-, te-, (P.) to wish or be about to set free ; to be about to give up or relinquish (life) ; to wish or intend to cast or hurl ; (A1.) to wish to free one's self ; to desire final liberation or beatitude (confer, compare mokṣ-): Intensive momucyate- or monokti- grammar ([ confer, compare Greek , ; Latin mungo,mucus.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nirmucP. -muñcati-, to loosen, free from (ablative), liberate etc. etc.: Passive voice -mucyate- (Aorist -amoci- ), to be freed or free one's self from, get rid of (ablative) etc. ; to be deprived of (instrumental case) ; to be abandoned or given up (as life etc.) ; (sc. tvacas-) to cast off (said of a serpent casting its skin) : Causal -mocayati-, to loosen or liberate from (ablative) ; to redeem (a pawn) from (ablative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pramucP. A1. -muñcati-, te-, to set free, let go, liberate, release from (ablative) ; to loosen, loose, untie, unbind, undo ; to rid one's self of (genitive case), escape ; (ind.p. -mucya-,having liberated one's self from[ ablative ] ) ; to drive away, banish, shake off ; to give up, resign, renounce ; to discharge, emit, throw out, shed etc. ; to hurl, fling, throw, shoot ; to utter ; to throw or put on (as a garland etc.) ; to lend, bestow : Passive voice -mucyate-, to free one's self from (ablative or instrumental case) etc. ; to be loosened, become loose or detached, fall off (as fruits) ; to leave off, cease : Causal -mocayati-, to liberate from (ablative) ; to loosen, untie : Desiderative -mumukṣati-, to be about to give up or resign View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pratimucP. A1. -muñcati-, te-, to put (clothes, a garland etc.) on (dative case genitive case locative case), to fix or fasten on, append etc. ; (A1.,later also P.) to put on one's self, dress one's self, assume (a shape or form) etc. ; to attach or fasten to (locative case) ; to inflict on (locative case) ; to set at liberty, release, let go, send away ; to give up, resign ; to return, restore, pay back (as a debt) ; to fling, hurl : Passive voice -mucyate-, to be freed or released from (ablative) etc.: Causal -mocayati-, to set free, rescue, save View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sammucP. -muncati-, to let loose together,; pour out, discharge, shed (tears) : Causal -mocayati- See next. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
unmuc(ud-muc-) P. A1. -muñcati-, -te- (imperative 2. sg. -mumugdhi- ; Aorist 2. sg. -amukṣās- ) to unbind, unfasten ; to unfasten one's self, get loose (only A1.) ; to pull off, take off (clothes etc.) etc. ; to unseal (a letter) ; to liberate, set free etc. ; to send away, throw off ; to sling ; to give out, utter : Causal -mocayati-, to unbind, unfasten, set free View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
vimucP. A1. -muñcati-, te- (imperative -mumoktu- ), to unloose, unharness (A1."one's own horses") , unyoke (id est"make to halt, cause to stop or rest") etc. ; to take off (clothes, ornaments etc.) etc. ; to release, set free, liberate ; to leave, abandon, quit, desert, give up, relinquish ; to shun, avoid etc. ; to lose (consciousness) ; to pardon, forgive ; to emit, discharge, shed, pour or send forth (with grastam-,to set free a seized planet id est"free it from eclipse") ; to throw, hurl, cast (with ātmānam-and locative case,"to cast one's self into" ) etc. ; to utter (a sound) ; to assume (a shape) ; to lay (eggs) ; Passive voice -mucyate-, to be unloosed or detached etc. ; to be slackened (as reins) ; to drop or be expelled (prematurely, as a fetus) ; to be freed or delivered or released (especially from the bonds of existence), get rid of, escape from (ablative adverb in -tas- genitive case,or instrumental case) etc. ; to be deprived of (instrumental case) : Causal -mocayati-, to loosen, detach ; to unyoke ; to set free, deliver from (ablative) etc. ; to keep off, avoid : Desiderative -mumukṣati-, te-, to wish to liberate (A1."one's self") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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