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hastaratnāvalīf. Name of work on mimetic gestures with one or both hand. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
cl.3 P. m/imāti- (according to to A1. mimīte- mimeti-; Potential mimīyat- ; perfect tense, mimāya-; Aorist /amīmet- subjunctive mīmayat-; infinitive mood m/ātav/ai-), to sound, bellow, roar, bleat (especially said of cows, calves, goats etc.) : Intensive , only pr. p. m/emyat-, bleating (as a goat) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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nāṭya n. dance; dramatic represen tation, scenic art; actor's attire: in. (represent) mimetically=on the stage; -vedî, f. stage; -sâlâ, f. dancing-hall; -sâstra, n. principles of dramatic art; -½âkârya, m.teacher of dancing or of the scenic art: -ka, n. office of a dancing-master; -½ukti, f. theatrical term.
Bloomfield Vedic
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ukṣā mimeti (and mimāti) bhuvaneṣu see ukṣā bibharti.
ukṣā bibharti bhuvanāni (SV.ArS. ukṣā mimeti bhuvaneṣu; JB. ukṣā mimāti bhuvaneṣu) vājayuḥ # RV.9.83.3b; SV.2.227b; ArS.2.2b; JB.3.54b.
ukṣā mimāti (SV. mimeti) prati yanti dhenavaḥ # RV.9.69.4a; SV.2.722a; JB.3.298a.
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