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hastaratnāvalīf. Name of work on mimetic gestures with one or both hand. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
cl.3 P. m/imāti- (according to to A1. mimīte- mimeti-; Potential mimīyat- ; perfect tense, mimāya-; Aorist /amīmet- subjunctive mīmayat-; infinitive mood m/ātav/ai-), to sound, bellow, roar, bleat (especially said of cows, calves, goats etc.) : Intensive , only pr. p. m/emyat-, bleating (as a goat) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
cl.2 P. () māti- ; cl.3 A1. () m/imīte- ; cl.4. A1. () māyate- (Ved. and Epic also mimāti- Potential mimīyāt- imperative, mimīhi-; Potential mimet- ; perfect tense mam/au-, mame-, mamir/e- ; Aorist /aināsi- subjunctive masātai- ; amāsīt- grammar; preceding māsīṣṭa-, meyāt- ; future mātā-; māsyati-, māsyate- ; infinitive mood m/e- -m/ai- ; mātum- ; ind.p. mitv/ā-, -m/āya- etc.) , to measure, mete out, mark off etc. ; to measure across = traverse ; to measure (by any standard) , compare with (instrumental case) ; (māti-) to correspond in measure (either with genitive case,"to be large or long enough for";or with locative case,"to find room or be contained in" ;or with na-and instrumental case,"to be beside one's self with" ) ; to measure out, apportion, grant ; to help any one (accusative) to anything (dative case) ; to prepare, arrange, fashion, form, build, make ; to show, display, exhibit (amimīta-,"he displayed or developed himself", ) ; (in philosophy) to infer, conclude ; to pray (yācñā-karmaṇi-) : Passive voice mīy/ate- (Aorist amāyi-) ; to be measured etc. Causal , māpayati-, te- (Aorist amīmapat- Va1rtt. 2 ), to cause to be measured or built, measure, build, erect etc.: Desiderative mitsati-, te- (confer, compare nir--): Intensive memīyate- [ confer, compare Zend ma1; Greek , ; Latin me1tior,mensus,mensura; Slavonic or Slavonian me8ra; Lithuanian me3ra4.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mith cl.1 P. A1. (see ) m/ethati-, te- (pr. p. f. mithat/ī- ; perfect tense mimetha- ; ind.p. mithitvā- ), to unite, pair, couple, meet (as friend or antagonist), alternate, engage in altercation ; (A1.) to dash together (according to to also"to understand"or"to kill") . View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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