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mih cl.1 P. () m/ehati- (Epic also A1. te-, parasmE-pada -meghamāna- ; perfect tense mimeha- grammar; Aorist amikṣat- ; future meḍhā- grammar, mekṣy/ati- ; infinitive mood mih/e- ), to void or pass urine, make water upon (locative case or accusative) or towards (accusative) etc. ; to emit seminal fluid ; (m/imiḍḍhi-) equals yācñā-karman- mehayati- '> (Aorist amīmihat- grammar) to cause to make water : Desiderative mimikṣati- See 1. mikṣ-: Intensive m/emihat- See ni-mih-. ([ confer, compare Greek , Latin mingere,mejere; Slavonic or Slavonian migla; Lithuanian me34z3, Anglo-Saxon mi7gan; German Mist.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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