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mṛj (confer, compare marj-, mārj-and mṛś-) cl.2 P. m/ārṣṭi- (Ved. also A1. mṛṣṭ/e-and cl.6 P. A1. mṛj/ati-, te-,3. plural mṛñjata- ; Potential mṛñjyāt- ; cl.1 P. mārjati-, te- ; perfect tense mamārja-, mamṛj/e- etc.;3. plural mamārjuḥ- ; māmṛjuḥ- ; A1. māmṛj/e-, jīta- ; Aorist amṛkṣat-, ṣata- ; amārkṣīt-and amārjīt- ; future mraṣṭā- ; mārṣṭā-or mārjitā- grammar; mrakṣyate-or mārkṣyate- etc.; mārjiṣyati- grammar; infinitive mood marṣṭum-, mārṣṭum-and mārjitum- etc.; ind.p. mṛṣvā- ; -mṛjya- ; -mārjya- ), to wipe, rub, cleanse, polish, clean, purify, embellish, adorn (A1.also "one's self") etc. ; to make smooth, curry (exempli gratia, 'for example' a horse or other animal) ; to stroke ; to wipe off or out, remove, destroy etc. ; to wipe off or transfer (impurity, debt etc.) from one's self upon (locative case) ; to carry away, win ; (mārṣṭi-), to go (): Causal or cl.10. marjayati-, te- (Ved., mārjayati-, te- etc.; Aorist amamārjat- grammar; amīmṛjanta- ; Passive voice mārjate- ), to wipe, rub, cleanse, purify, adorn etc. ; to wipe off, remove, destroy ; (marjayate-), to move about, roam (): Desiderative mimārjiṣati- and mimṛkṣati- grammar : Intensive marmṛjīti- (jm/a-, janta-, parasmE-pada jān/a-), marmṛjy/ate- ; marīmṛjy/ate- ; marmārṣṭi- grammar ; to rub or wipe off, clean, purify (A.also "one's self").[ confer, compare Greek , ; Latin mulgere; Slavonic or Slavonian mle8sti; Lithuanian mi4lsti; German,melke,Milch; English milk.]
parimṛjP. -mārṣṭi-, -mṛjati-, -mārjati-, mārjayati- (rarely A1. exempli gratia, 'for example' Potential -mṛjīta- ; ind.p. -mṛjya-; infinitive mood -mārṣṭum-,or -mārjitum-), to wipe all round, wash, cleanse, purify etc. ; (with cakṣuṣī-) to wipe tears from the eyes ; (also A1.) to cleanse or rinse the mouth, Gant. ; to touch lightly, stroke ; to wipe off or away, remove, efface, get rid of (accusative) : Passive voice -mṛjyate-, to be rubbed or worn out by use (as teeth) : Intensive -marmṛjyate-, to sweep over (accusative) ("to cover with radiance") . 2. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pramṛjP. -mārṣṭi- (-mārjati-, te- ; -mārjayati- ), to wipe, wipe off, wash off, clean, cleanse etc. ; to rub, pass the hand over, rub gently, stroke ; to wipe out, wash out, remove, expel, rid one's self of etc. ; to render unavailing, frustrate (as a wish) ; to destroy ; to make ready, prepare View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sammṛjP. -mṛjati-, -mārṣṭi-, -mārjati-, -mārjayati- (see mārj-), to sweep together, sweep clean, rub or wipe off, cleanse, strain, filter (soma-), purify (fire by removing ashes) etc. ; to take away, remove ; to stroke, caress View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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