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mahatsu: masculine locative plural stem: mahat
mahatsu: neuter locative plural stem: mahat
Bloomfield Vedic
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arbheṣv ājā (AVP. ājau) maghavan mahatsu ca # RV.1.102.10b; AVP.3.36.2b.
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mahatsu (especially) to the pure devotees of the LordSB 11.3.29
mahatsu for great soulsSB 12.8.30
mahatsu in the mahat-tattva, the total material energySB 7.6.20-23
mahatsu toward elevated saintsSB 10.88.38-39
mahatsu unto the VaiṣṇavasSB 6.10.28
mahatsu within the material creationSB 1.19.16
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