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mahate: feminine nominative dual stem: mahatā
mahate: feminine accusative dual stem: mahatā
mahate: masculine dative singular stem: mahat
mahate: neuter dative singular stem: mahat
mahate: feminine vocative dual stem: mahatā
mahate: feminine vocative singular stem: mahatā
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āmahA1. (3. sg. -mahe- [= ā-mahate-, ā-datte- ]) to give, grant (?) ; to take (?). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
mah (originally magh-; confer, compare also maṃh-) cl.1.10. P. () mahati-, mah/ayati- (Vedic or Veda and Epic also A1. mahate-, h/ayate-; parasmE-pada mah/at- q.v; perfect tense mamāha- grammar; māmah/e-; subjunctive māmahanta-, māmahas- ; Aorist amahīt- grammar; future mahitā-, mahiṣyati- ; ind.p. mahitvā- ; infinitive mood mahe-,and mah/aye- q.v) to elate, gladden, exalt, arouse, excite ; to magnify, esteem highly, honour, revere etc. ; (A1.) to rejoice, delight in (instrumental case or accusative) ; to give, bestow [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin magnus,mactus; Old German michel; English mickle,much.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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mahate kṣatrāya mahata ādhipatyāya mahate jānarājyāya TS.; TB.; 6.7. See next.
mahate kṣatrāya mahate jānarājyāya MS.2.6.6: 67.14; Mś. See prec.
mahate devāya svāhā HG.2.8.6; ApMB.2.18.21 (ApG.7.20.4). Cf. mahāntaṃ devaṃ.
Vedabase Search
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mahate greatestSB 12.12.1
mahate the SupremeSB 10.74.23
mahate unto the greatSB 3.14.35
SB 7.3.26-27
mahate unto the SupremeSB 6.16.20
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mahatejas noun (masculine) mercury
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