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madhyapatitamfn. fallen in the middle lying between or in the midst View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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madhyapatita pp. lying be tween; -pâta, m. intercourse; -bhâga, m. middle part; waist: lc. therein; within (g.); -bhâva, m. moderate distance.
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madhyapatitaliterally fallen in the middle; the word is used generally in the sense of an augment which is inserted in the middle of a word. Sometimes an affix too, like अकच् or a conjugational sign like श्रम्, is placed in the middle of a word. Such a middling augment is technically ignored and a word together with it is taken as the original word for grammatical operations; exempli gratia, for example उच्चकै:, नीचकै: et cetera, and others cf तन्मध्यपतितस्तद्ग्रहणेन गृह्यते Paribhāṣenduśekhara of Nāgeśa. Pari. 89.
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