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madhyamam: neuter nominative singular stem: madhyama
madhyamam: masculine accusative singular stem: madhyama
madhyamam: neuter accusative singular stem: madhyama
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madhyamam2.6.80NeuterSingularmadhyaḥ, avalagnam
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dhāman n. fixed dwelling, abode, realm (of the gods); esp. place of the sacred fire and of Soma; post (also pl.); usage, law, order; power, majesty; light, splendour (also pl.); priyamdh&asharp;ma, favourite abode, object; delight; madhyamam dhâma vish- noh, middle abode of Vishnu=sky.
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madhyamam middle portion of the bodySB 7.8.19-22
madhyamam the secondSB 9.7.20
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