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madhva: masculine vocative singular stem: madhva
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madhvam. Name of the founder of a sect of vaiṣṇava-s in the south of India (he was a Kanarese Brahman otherwise called ānanda-tīrtha-, bhagavat-- pāda- or madhu-, said to have been born about 1200;his doctrine is commonly called dvaita-, "Duality", in opposition to the a-dvaita-,"Nonduality", of the great Vedantist śaṃkarācārya-, and his sect are called mādhva-s) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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madhva m. N. of the founder of a sect: -guru, -½âkârya, m. id.
Bloomfield Vedic
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madhva ūrmiṃ duhate sapta vāṇīḥ RV.8.59 (Vāl.11).3b.
madhva ū ṣu madhūyuvā RV.5.73.8a.
madhva (AVś. -vaḥ) ścotanty abhito virapśam RV.4.50.3d; 7.101.4d; AVś.20.88.3d.
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