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madanavegam. Name of a king of the vidyā-dhara-s View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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madana m. sexual love, passion, lust; m. god of love, Kâma; N.; a plant: -tantra, n. doctrine of sexual love; -damsh- trâ, f. N. of a princess; -damana, m. van quisher of Kâma, ep. of Siva; -dahana,m. burner of Kâma, ep. of Siva; -dvish, m. enemy of Kâma, ep. of Siva; -pâla, m. N. of a prince, the reputed author of various works; -pura, m. N. of a city; -prabhâ, f. N. of a fairy; -mañkukâ, f. N. of a daughter of Madanavega; -mañgarî, f. N.; -maya, a. swayed by love; -maha, m., -mahâ½utsava, m. great festival in honour of Kâma; -mâlâ, f. N.; -mâlinî, f. N.; -mohana, m. con founder of Kâma, ep. of Krishna; -yashti ketu, m. kind of flag; -râga, m. N.; -ripu, m. foe of Kâma, ep. of Siva; -lekhâ, f. love letter; N.; -vega, N. of a prince of the fairies; -salâkâ, f. hooded crow; -sundarî, f. N.; -senâ, f. N.
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