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jval cl.1 P. jv/alati- (Epic also A1.; parasmE-pada lat-; Aorist ajvālīt- ;3. plural ajvaliṣur- ) to burn brightly, blaze, glow, shine etc. ; to burn (as a wound) : Causal jvalayati- or jvāl-, to set on fire, light, kindle, make radiant, illuminate (A1.) etc.: Intensive jājvalati- () or lyate- ( ; parasmE-pada lyamāna-) to flame violently, shine strongly, be brilliant View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
cal (confer, compare car-and also caṭ-) cl.1. lati- (metrically also A1. te-; perf. cacāla- plural celur-; future caliṣyati-; Aorist acālīt-), to be moved, stir, tremble, shake, quiver, be agitated, palpitate etc. ; to move on or forward, proceed, go away, start off, depart (āsanebhyo 'calan-,"they rose from their seat", ) etc. ; to set (said of the day) ; to be moved from one's usual course, be disturbed, become confused or disordered, go astray etc. ; to turn away from, swerve, deviate from (ablative exempli gratia, 'for example' dharmāt-,to swerve from virtue ), fall off (with ablative) etc. ; to sport about, frolic, play () : Causal calayati- () , to cause to move, move, shake, jog, push, agitate, disturb ; to cause to deviate, turn off from (ablative) : Causal cālay- (Passive voice cālyate-) to cause to move, shake, jog, push, agitate etc. ; to drive, drive away, remove or expel from (ablative) ; to disturb, make confused or disordered ; to cause to deviate from (ablative) ; to cherish, foster (varia lectio for bal-): Intensive cañcalyate- (confer, compare cañcala-) or cāc- (confer, compare /a-vicācala-ff.) ; ([ confer, compare, ; Latin celer,pro-cello,ex-.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
gṝ cl.6 P. girati- or (confer, compare ) gilati- ( ) , Epic also A1. girate- (1. sg. g/irāmi- ; perf. jagāra- ; Aorist subjunctive 3. plural garan- ), to swallow, devour, eat etc. ; to emit or eject from the mouth : Causal (Aorist 2. sg. ajīgar-) to swallow : Intensive jegilyate- : Desiderative jigariṣati-, ; ([ confer, compare 2. gal-,2 gir-, gila-,2. gīrṇ/a-; Lithuanian gerru,"to drink"; Latin glu-tio,gula; Slavonic or Slavonian gr-lo; Russian z8ora.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
lal (see laḍ-) cl.1 P. () lalati- (mc. also te-), to play, sport, dally, frolic, behave loosely or freely etc. ; to loll or wag the tongue (See below) : Causal lālayati-, te- (Passive voice lālyate-), to cause to sport or dally, caress, fondle, foster, cherish ; to wave, flourish ; to favour ; (A1.) to desire (see under laḍ-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nigṝP. -girati-, or -gilati- (-griṇāti- ; Aorist -gārīt- ; future -gariṣyati- ; infinitive mood -giritum- ) ; to swallow, ingurgitate, devour etc. ; to swallow id est totally appropriate : Passive voice -gīyate-, parasmE-pada yamāṇa- (with act. meaning) -gārayati- or -gālayati- '> (see ni-- gal-above) ; Passive voice -gāryate- or -gālyate- Intensive jegilyate-, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
phal cl.1 P. () phalati- (Epic also A1. te-; perfect tense paphāla- plural pheluḥ- ; confer, compare ; Aorist aphālīt- grammar; future phaliṣyati- ; phalitā- grammar), to burst, cleave open or asunder, split (intrans.) etc. ; to rebound, be reflected ; (;but rather phala-below) to bear or produce fruit, ripen (literally and figuratively), be fruitful, have results or consequences, be fulfilled, result, succeed etc. ; to fall to the share of (locative case) ; to obtain (fruit or reward) ; to bring to maturity, fulfil, yield, grant, bestow (with accusative,rarely instrumental case) etc. ; to give out, emit (heat) ; () to go (confer, compare pal-): Causal phālayati- Aorist apīphalat- grammar (confer, compare phālita-): Desiderative piphaliṣati- grammar : Intensive pamphulyate-, pamphulīti-, pamphulti- [ confer, compare sphaṭ-, sphuṭ-; German spalten; English split.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
sampratipāl(only Passive voice -pālyate-), to expect, wait for View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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