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cl.9 P. A1. () lun/āti-, lunīte- (Ved. also lunoti- perfect tense lulāva- ;2. sg. lulavitha- ;2. plural luluvidhve-or viḍhve- ; Aorist alāvīt-, alaviṣṭa- grammar; future lavitā-, laviṣyati-, te- ; infinitive mood lavitum- ; ind.p. lūtvā- ; -lāvam- ), to cut, sever, divide, pluck, reap, gather etc. ; to cut off, destroy, annihilate : Passive voice lūyate- (Aorist alāvi-), to be cut grammar : Causal lāvayati- (Aorist alīlavat-, vata-), to cause to cut grammar : Desiderative of Causal lilāvayiṣati- : Desiderative lulūṣati-, te- : Intensive lauluyate-, loloti- : Desiderative of Intensive lolūyiṣate- (ind.p. yam-) [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin so-luo,solvo;Gothfra-liusan; German vir-lisosan,ver-lieren; Anglo-Saxon for-leo4san; English lose.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nu or - cl.2.6. P. () nauti-, nuvati-, (present tense also n/avate-, ti- etc.; parasmE-pada P. nuv/at-, n/avat- A1. n/avamāna- ; perfect tense nunāva- ; Aorist /anūnot-, /anūṣi-, ṣata-, anaviṣṭa- ; anauṣit-, anāvit-, anuvīt- grammar; future naviṣyati-, nuv-; navitā-, nuv- ; ind.p. -nutya-, -nāvam- ; infinitive mood lavitum- varia lectio nuv- ), to sound, shout, exult ; praise, commend etc. etc.: Passive voice nūyate- etc.: Causal nāvayati- Aorist anūnavat- grammar : Desiderative nunūṣati- ; Desiderative of Causal nunāvayiṣati- : Intensive n/onavīti-, nonumas- (imperfect tense anonavur- subjunctive n/avīnot-; perfect tense n/onāva-, nonuvur- ; nonūyate-, nonoti- grammar), to sound loudly, roar, thunder View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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