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lalat: neuter accusative singular stem: lalat.
lalat: neuter nominative singular stem: lalat.
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lalat ललत् a. 1 Playing, sporting. -2 Shaking, flashing, moving about; ललन्नरजाङ्गलः Māl.5.5. -3 Lolling. -Comp. -अम्बुः the citron tree. -जिह्व a. (ललज्जिह्व) 1 lolling the tongue. -2 savage, fierce. (-ह्वः) 1 a dog. -2 a camel. -डिम्बम् a top (भवरा in Mar.) बालेन नक्तंसमयेन मुक्तं रौप्यं ललड्डिम्बमिवेन्दुबिम्बम् (लसड्डिम्बम् v. l.) N.22.53.
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