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lag (see lakṣ-, lakṣa-etc.) cl.1 P. () lagati- (according to to also lagyati-; perfect tense lalāga- grammar; Aorist alagīt- ; future lagitā- ; lagiṣyati- ; ind.p. lagitvā-, -lagya- ), to adhere, stick, cling or attach one's self to (locative case) etc. (with hṛdi-and genitive case,"to penetrate to a person's heart" ) ; to take effect upon (locative case) ; to meet, come in contact, cut (as lines) ; to follow closely, ensue or happen immediately ; to pass away (as time) : Causal or cl.10. () lāgayati-,"to taste"or"to obtain" (āsvādane-,or āsādane-). ([In Hindi this root often means"to begin."]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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