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laghuprayatnamfn. using little effort, indolent, impotent View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
laghuprayatnamfn. pronounced with slight articulation ( laghuprayatnatara -tara- mfn.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
laghuprayatnataramfn. laghuprayatna
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     KV Abhyankar
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laghuprayatnatararequiring still less effort for utterance than that required for the usual utterance; the term is used in connection with the utterance of the consonant य् which is substituted for Visarga following upon long अा and followed by any vowel. In such cases य् is not pronounced at all according to Śākalya, while it is somewhat audibly pronounced according to Śākațāyana; confer, compare व्योर्लघुप्रयत्नतरः शाकटायनस्य P. VIII. 3.18.
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