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labhate: third person singular present present class 1 ātmanepadalabh
labhate: neuter dative singular stem: labhat.
labhate: masculine dative singular stem: labhat.
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prāptavya fp. to be met with or found; -obtained or acquired: -m-artha, m. nickname of a man who always answered inquiries as to his name with the words &open;prâptavyam artham labhate manushyah:&close; n. when used with nâman, n. name.
Bloomfield Vedic
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agnaye kuṭārūn ālabhate # VS.24.23; MS.3.14.4: 173.5.
agnaye 'nīkavate prathamajān ālabhate # VS.24.16; MS.3.13.14: 171.6; Apś.20.14.10. P: agnaye 'nīkavate Apś.20.15.5.
athaitān aṣṭau virūpān (TB. athaitān arūpebhya) ālabhate etc. # VS.30.22 (atidīrghaṃ cātihrasvaṃ ca, in the sequel); VSK.34.22 (atiśuklaṃ cātikṛṣṇaṃ ca, in the sequel); TB. (atihrasvam atidīrgham, in the sequel).
ahne pārāvatān ālabhate # VS.24.25; MS.3.14.6: 173.9.
īśānāya parasvata (MS. -tā) ālabhate # VS.24.28; MS.3.14.10: 174.5.
dhūmrān vasantāyālabhate # VS.24.11. See next but one.
prajāpataye puruṣān hastina (MS. hastinā) ālabhate # VS.24.29; MS.3.14.8: 174.1.
brahmaṇe brāhmaṇam (TB.Apś. add ālabhate) # VS.30.5; TB.; Kś.21.1.7 (comm.); Apś.20.24.8.
bhūmyā ākhūn ālabhate # VS.24.26; MS.3.14.7: 173.11.
bhūmyai pīṭhasarpiṇam ālabhate # TB. See pṛthivyai etc.
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