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kurvate: neuter dative singular stem: kurvat.
kurvate: masculine dative singular stem: kurvat.
kurvate: third person plural present present class 8 ātmanepadakṛ
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saṃkṛP. A1. -karoti-, -kurute-, (3 plural proper saṃ-kurvate- ; imperfect tense sam-akṛṇvan- ; perfect tense saṃ-cakruḥ- ; Aorist sam-akran- ), to put together, compose, arrange, prepare etc. (equals saṃ-skṛ- q.v): Passive voice -kriyate- (Aorist sam-akāri-) : Causal -kārayati-, to cause to arrange or prepare, celebrate (a wedding) ; to make, render (two accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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kurvate svāhā VS.22.8; MS.3.12.3: 161.7.
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kurvate do they makeSB 1.10.30
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