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takṣ cl.1 P. kṣati- (Epic also A1. imperfect tense t/akṣat-, /atakṣat- ;rarelycl.2 3. plural t/akṣati-[ ] ; imperfect tense [ Aorist ?] atakṣma-,2. plural ataṣṭa- ;once cl.5. [ takṣṇoti- ] Potential kṣṇuyur- ;See also apa--; Aorist, atakṣīt- ;3. plural kṣiṣur- ; subjunctive takṣiṣat-[ ], ; perfect tense tat/akṣa-,once A1. kṣ/e- plural ksk/ur- ,once takṣur-, ;2. dual number takṣathur-, ; pr. p. f. t/akṣatī-, ; pf.Pass.p. taṣṭ/a-See sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order) to form by cutting, plane, chisel, chop etc. ; to cut, split ; to fashion, form (out of wood etc.), make, create ; to form in the mind, invent ; to make (any one young;double accusative), make able or prepare for (dative case) ; (in mathematics) to reduce by dividing ; ; = tvac- ; to, skin : Causal takṣayati- (Aorist atatakṣat-) ; see tvakṣ-. 2. takṣ-,"paring" ; See kāṣṭha--. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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