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krudhyati: neuter locative singular stem: krudhyat.
krudhyati: masculine locative singular stem: krudhyat.
krudhyati: third person singular present present class 4 parasmaipadakrudh
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krudh cl.4 P. kr/udhyati- (Epic rarely A1. te- ;(See also krudhyamāna-); perf. cukrodha- etc.; future 2nd krotsyati- ; future 1st kroddhā- ; Aorist subjunctive 2. sg. krudhas- ; infinitive mood kroddhum- ), to become angry, be wrathful or angry with (dative case [ ] or genitive case), on account of (locative case): Causal krodh/ayati- (Aorist /acukrudhat- ; subjunctive 1. sg. cukrudham-,1. plural dhāma-), to make angry, provoke, irritate (infinitive mood krodhayitum-); ([ confer, compare Lithuanian rus-tus,"angry";rus-tybe7"anger" ; Greek German groll; Hibernian or Irish corruidhe,"anger, wrath, motion";corruigh,"fury, resentment."]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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krudhyati becomes angrySB 5.13.8
krudhyati he becomes angrySB 5.14.19

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