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kim kim punar-, how much more? how much less? View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prayojanan. profit, use or need of, necessity for etc. (with instrumental case, taruṇā kim prayojanam-,what is the use of the tree? ; bhavatv etaiḥ kusumaiḥ prayojanam-,let these flowers be used ;with genitive case or dative case on ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
punarind. however, still, nevertheless (at the end of a verse it lays stress on a preceding atha vā-, api vā-,or -alone; punar api-,even again, on the other hand, also; kadā p-,at any time, ever; kim p-,how much more or less? however; punar-punar-,now-now;at one time - at another time). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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paryaṭaka m. vagabond; -½atana, n. roaming about, strolling (with g. or --°ree;); -½anu yoktavya, fp. to be asked; to be called upon to answer; -½anuyoga, m. enquiry; reproach; -½antá, m. (limit around), boundary, border, skirt, limit, edge, end; °ree;--=adjacent, neigh bouring; --°ree;, a. surrounded or limited by, reaching to, ending with; °ree;-or -m, to the end of, up to, as far as (--°ree;); -m, ad. completely, exhaustively; kim paryantam, how far?
punar ad. back, home; again, anew; any more or longer, still, yet; further, more over, besides; on the contrary, on the other hand, but, nevertheless: with i, gam, gâ, go back, go away again; with dâ,give back, restore; requite; with bhû, turn round; be renewed; re-marry (of a woman); púnah punah or simply punah, again and again, repeatedly; na punah punah, nevermore; âdau--punah paskât, at first -then -later; punar aparam, besides; atha vâ punah, api vâ punah, or vâ punah at the end of a verse= vâ; kadâ punah, at any time, ever; kim punah, how much more or less; however; but; punah--punah, now--now.
Bloomfield Vedic
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atha kiṃ pāpayāmuyā AVś.7.56.6c. See kim idaṃ pāpa-.
enā kiṃ pareṇāvaram amura AVś.5.11.5d. See kim avareṇāvaram.
dīptiḥ kiṃ parāyaṇam # TA.1.8.3b.
kim idaṃ pāpayāmuyā # AVP.1.48.2c. See atha kiṃ pāpa-.
kiṃ pibasi kiṃ pibasi # AG.1.13.3.
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