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jātyamfn. (in grammar) equals nitya- Name of the svarita- accent resulting in a fixed word (not by saṃdhi-See kṣaipra-) from an udātta- originally belonging to a preceding i- or u-, (exempli gratia, 'for example' kva-fr. k/ua-; kany/ā-fr. kan/iā-) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
svaritam. n. the svarita- accent (a kind of mixed tone, produced by a combination of high and low tone, and therefore named in sam-āhāra-,the high and low tones being called ud-ātta-,"raised"or"acute", and an-udātta-,"low"or"grave";the svarita- corresponds to the Greek circumflex and is of four kinds, viz. kṣaipra-[as in vy-/āpta-for v/i-āpta-], jātya-[as in kv/a-for k/ua-], praśliṣṭa-[as in div/īva-for div/i iva-],or abhinihita-[as in t/e 'bruvan-for t/e abruvan-];it is marked in by a small upright stroke above a syllable;and when produced by an udātta-immediately preceding is sometimes called "a dependent svarita-", and, when it properly belongs to a word, an"independent svarita-") View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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