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kālidāsa: masculine vocative singular stem: kālidāsa
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kālidāsam. (fr. kālī-,the goddess durgā-, and dāsa-,a slave, the final of kālī-being shortened; see ), Name of a celebrated poet (author of the śakuntalā-, vikramorvaśī-, mālavikāgnimitra-, megha-dūta-, and raghu-vaṃśa-;described as one of the nine gems of vikramāditya-'s court, and variously placed in the first, second, third, and middle of the sixth century A.D.;the name is, however, applied to several persons, especially to two others who may have written the nalodaya- and śruta-- bodha- [hence the N. is used to denote the number,"three"], and seems, in some measure, to have been used as an honorary title). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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kālidāsa m. (servant of Kâlî), N. of various poets; the celebrated lyric, epic, and dramatic poet of this name lived in the sixth century a. d.
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