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"jvar" has 1 results.
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√ज्वर्jvarbeing diseased, being feverish / roga888/3Cl.1
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santāpaḥMasculineSingularsaṃjvaraḥbecomin very hot,gear of burning heat
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jvar (see jval-) cl.1. rati- (see 3. jūr-etc.) to be feverish, ; Causal jvarayati- () to make feverish (Passive voice ryate-,"to become feverish") ; see anu-saṃ-- saṃ--. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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jvar ज्वर् 1 P. (ज्वरति, जूर्ण) 1 To be hot with fever or passion, be feverish. -2 To be diseased.
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jvar verb (class 1 parasmaipada) to be in fever to mourn
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