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jarat: neuter nominative singular stem: jarat.
jarat: neuter accusative singular stem: jarat.
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jaratmf(atī-)n. (pr. p. 1 jṝ- ) old, ancient, infirm, decayed, dry (as herbs), no longer frequented (as temples) or in use etc. (often in compound [ ] etc.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
jaratmf(atī-)n. former, View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
jaratm. = Greek an old man (varia lectio) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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jarat जरत् a. 1 Old, aged, decayed. -2 Infirm, decrepit. -m. An old man. -Comp. -कारुः N. of a great sage who married a sister of the serpent Vāsuki. [One day as he was fallen asleep on the lap of his wife, the sun was about to set. His wife, perceiving that the time of offering his evening prayers was passing away, gently roused him. But he became angry with her for having disturbed his sleep, and left her never to return. He, however, told her, as he went, that she was pregnant and would give birth to a son who would be her support, and at the same time the saviour of the serpent-race. This son was Astika]. -गवः an old ox; दारिद्र्यस्य परा मूर्तिर्यन्मानद्रविणाल्पता । जरद्गवधनः शर्वस्तथापि परमेश्वरः ॥ Pt.2.163.
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jarat pr. pt. (-î) of √ grî, old, frail, decayed, tumble-down; m. old man.
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