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jahat: neuter nominative singular stem: jahat.
jahat: masculine nominative singular stem: jahat.
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jahatmfn. pr. p. 3. - q.v View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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jahat जहत् a. (-ती f.) Leaving, abandoning. -Comp. -लक्षणा, -स्वार्था a kind of लक्षणा (also called लक्षणलक्षणा) in which a word loses its primary sense, but is used in one which is in some way connected with the primary sense; e. g. in the familiar instance गङ्गायां घोषः 'a hamlet on the Ganges', गङ्गा loses its primary sense and means गङ्गातट; cf. अजहत्स्वार्था also. -2 irony.

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