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jagme: masculine vocative singular stem: jagmi
jagme: feminine vocative singular stem: jagmi
jagme: third person singular tense paradigm perfect class ātmanepadagam
jagme: first person singular tense paradigm perfect class ātmanepadagam
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saṃgamA1. -gacchate- (rarely P. ti-,and according to to only with an object; perfect tense -jagme-;Vedic forms etc. -gamemahi-, -gamāmahai-, -ajagmiran-, -agata-[3. sg. ], -aganmahi-, -agasmahi-,or -agaṃsmahi-, -gmiṣīya-, -gasīṣṭa-or -gaṃsīṣṭa-, -gaṃsyate-etc.; see 1. gam-and ), to go or come together, come into contact or collision, meet (either in a friendly or hostile manner), join or unite with (instrumental case with and without saha-or rdham-) etc. ; to unite sexually with (accusative) ; to harmonize, agree, fit, correspond, suit ; to go to or towards, meet (accusative) ; to come together or assemble in (locative case) ; to undergo or get into any state or condition, become (exempli gratia, 'for example' with viśrambham-,"to become trustful, confide") ; (P.) to partake of (instrumental case) ; to go away, depart (this life), decease, die ; (P.) to visit (accusative) : Causal -gamayati- (ind.p. -gamayya-), to cause to go together, bring together, connect or unite or endow or present with (instrumental case of Persian and accusative of thing) etc. ; to lead any one to (two accusative) ; to deliver or hand over to (locative case), transfer, bestow, give ; to connect, construe (words) ; to cause to go away or depart (this life), kill () : Desiderative -jigaṃsate-, to wish to meet with (instrumental case). ; -jigāṃsati-, to wish to attain to (accusative) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
Bloomfield Vedic
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dhīty agre manasā saṃ hi jagme # RV.1.164.8b; AVś.9.9.8b.
ya ājagma (N. -muḥ) savane mā (read in AVś. savanemā; TS.KS. savanedaṃ; N. savanam idaṃ; VSṃS.śB. ya ājagmedaṃ savanaṃ) juṣāṇāḥ # AVś.7.97.4b; VS.8.18b; TS.; MS.1.3.38b: 44.10; KS.4.12b; śB.; N.12.42b.
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