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iyarti: third person singular present present class 3 parasmaipada
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cl.1.3.5.P. ṛcchati-, iyarti-, ṛṇoti-, and ṛṇvati- (only Vedic or Veda) ; āra-, ariṣyati-, ārat-, and ārṣīt-, to go, move, rise, tend upwards etc. ; to go towards, meet with, fall upon or into, reach, obtain etc. ; to fall to one's share, occur, befall (with accusative) etc. ; to advance towards a foe, attack, invade ; to hurt, offend ; to move, excite, erect, raise, (/iyarti v/ācam-,he raises his voice ; st/omān iyarmi-,I sing hymns ) : Causal arpayati-, to cause to move, throw, cast etc. ; to cast through, pierce ; to put in or upon, place, insert, fix into or upon, fasten etc. ; to place on, apply etc. ; to direct or turn towards etc. ; to deliver up, surrender, offer, reach over, present, give etc. ; to give back, restore etc.: Vedic or Veda Intensive alarti- ; (2. sg. alarṣi- ) ; to move or go towards with speed or zeal: Class. Intensive A1. arāryate- () , to wander about, haste towards ; ([ confer, compare Greek , , etc.: Zendir: Latin or-ior,re-mus,aro: Gothic argan: Anglo-Saxon a1r:Old High German ruo-dar,ar-an: Lithuanian ir-ti,"to row";ar-ti,"to plough."]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
anvṛ(cl.3. P. -iyarti-) Aorist A1. -arta-, to follow in rising View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
samṛP. -iyarti-, -ṛṇoti-, -ṛṇvati-, or -ricchati- (in some forms also A1.;for -ṛcchati-, te-See ), to join together, bring to pass, bring about ; to bring together, drive together (3. sg. Aorist -ārata-; perf. p. -ārāṇa-) ; to be brought about ; to run together, hasten together towards (accusative or locative case), meet with (instrumental case), come into collision or conflict : Causal -arpayati-, te-, to throw at, hurl at (accusative), strike, hit ; to cause to come into conflict or collision ; to fix or place or insert in, put in or on or down etc., etc. ; to impose, enjoin ; to deliver over, consign, commit ; to send off, despatch (a messenger) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
udṛP. -iyarti- (perfect tense 2. sg. -/ārithā- ; Aorist -ārat- ) A1. (Aorist -ārta- ) to start up, rise, come up ; to move up, raise, excite : Causal -arpayati-, to cause to rise or prosper View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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iyarti dhūmam aruṣaṃ (MS.KS. aruṣo) bharibhrat RV.10.45.7c; VS.12.24c; TS.; MS.2.7.9c: 86.14; KS.16.9c; ApMB.2.11.25c.
iyarti reṇuṃ bṛhad arhariṣvaṇiḥ RV.1.56.4d.
iyarti reṇuṃ maghavā samoham RV.4.17.13b.
iyarti vagnum indriyam RV.9.30.2c.
iyarti vācaṃ rayiṣāḍ amartyaḥ RV.9.68.8d.
iyarti vācaṃ janayan yajadhyai RV.4.21.5b.
iyarti vācam ariteva nāvam RV.2.42.1b; 9.95.2b.
iyarti vācaṃ bṛhad āśuṣāṇaḥ RV.5.36.4b.
iyarti somaḥ pavamāna ūrmim RV.9.88.5d.

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