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inddhe: third person singular present present class 7 ātmanepadaindh
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idh idh kindle, VII. Ā. inddhé. sám- kindle, 3. pl. indhate, ii. 35, 11; pf. īdhiré, v. 11, 2.
Bloomfield Vedic
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tam annam inddhe # JB.1.40. Not marked as a mantra in the edition.
tām agniḥ saminddhe (KA. samindhe) # MS.4.9.23: 136.10; TA.4.41.1,6; KA.1.198A.
tām ādityaḥ saminddhe # MS.4.9.23: 137.3; TA.4.41.2,4.
tāṃ prajāpatiḥ saminddhe # MS.4.9.23: 137.5.
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