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hi (see hay-) cl.5 P. () hin/oti- (Vedic or Veda also hinut/e-, h/invati-and hinv/ati-, te-; parasmE-pada hinvān/a-[with act. and pass. sense] ; h/ayat- : sg. hiṣe- ; perfect tense jighāya-, jighyuḥ- etc.; jighye-[with pass. sense] ; Aorist /ahema- /ahema-, ahyan-, heta- parasmE-pada hiyān/a-[with pass. sense] ; ahyam-[?], /ahait- ; ahaiṣīt- ; aheṣata- ; future hetā- grammar; heṣyati- etc.; infinitive mood -hy/e- ), to send forth, set in motion, impel, urge on, hasten on (A1.also intrans.) ; to stimulate or incite to (dative case) ; to assist or help to (dative case) ; to discharge, hurl, cast, shoot ; to convey, bring, procure ; to forsake, abandon, get rid of ; (hinvati-) to gladden, delight : Passive voice hīyate- (Aorist ahāyi-) grammar : Causal hāyuyati- (Aorist ajīhayat-) : Desiderative of Causal jihāpayiṣati- : Desiderative jighīṣati- : Intensive jeghīyate-, jeghayīti-, jegheti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
prahiP. A1. -hiṇoti-, -hiṇute-: -hiṇvati-, -hiṇvate- (see ; perfect tense -jighāya- ; 1. sg. proper A1. -hiṣe- ; Aorist P. pr/āhait- ; imperative pr/a-hela- ; infinitive mood pra-hy/e- ), to urge on, incite ; to direct, command ; to convey or send to, furnish, procure. bestow on (dative case) etc. ; to hurl, cast, throw upon, discharge at (dative case or loc) ; to turn the eyes towards (accusative) ; to dispatch (messengers), drive away, dismiss, send to (accusative with or without prati- dative case genitive case with or without antikam-or pārśvam-) or in order to (dative case or infinitive mood) etc. ; (A1.) to rush on ; to forsake (equals pra-.3. -) : Causal Aorist prājīhayat- : Desiderative of Causal pra-jighāyayiṣati-
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