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hvṛ or hvṝ- (see hval-, dhvṛ-) cl.1 P. () hv/arati- (in also hv/arate-; and according to to also hvṛṇāti-; perfect tense jahvāra-, vartha-, varuḥ- grammar; Aorist ahvārṣīt-, hvārṣīt-, hvār-, hvāriṣuḥ- ; preceding hvaryāt- grammar; future hvartā-, hvariṣyati- ; infinitive mood hvartum- ), to deviate or diverge from the right line, be crooked or curved, bend, go crookedly or wrongly or deviously, stumble, fall, down etc. (See above) : Causal hvārayati- (Aorist jihvaraḥ-, ratam-; juhuraḥ-, juhūrthāḥ-, juhurāṇ/a-), to cause to go crookedly, lead wrong or astray ; (A1.) to go wrong or astray : Desiderative juhvūrṣati- grammar : Intensive jāhvaryate-, jāhvarti- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
upahvṛA1. -hv/arate-, to approach by windings and turnings, reach an end after many deviations or errors View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.

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