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hastināpura: neuter vocative singular stem: hastināpura
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hastināpuran. (less correctly hastina-p-or hastinī-.) Name of a city founded by king hastin- q.v (it was situated about fifty-seven miles north-east of the modern Delhi on the banks of an old channel of the Ganges, and was the capital of the kings of the Lunar line, as ayodhyā- was of the Solar dynasty;hence it forms a central scene of action in the mahābhārata-;here yudhi-ṣṭhira- was crowned after a triumphal progress through the streets of the city;See : other names for this celebrated town are gajāhvaya-, nāga-hvaya-, nāgāhva-, hāctina-)
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hastināpura n. N. of a city the ruins of which are situated on the banks of an old bed of the Ganges, 57 miles N. E. of Delhi.
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hastināpura noun (neuter) name of a city founded by king Hastin (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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