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adhijāgṛ(only - jāgarat-), to watch over (locative case), View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
avagṝonly A1. ( [ parasmE-pada -giramāṇa- ; Aorist avāgīrṣṭa- ],but P. subjunctive -garat- ) to swallow down: Intensive (subjunctive 2. sg. -jalgulas-) idem or 'n. embracing.' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
gaṇ cl.10 P. gaṇayati- (Epic also A1. te-: Aorist ajīgaṇat-[ ] or ajag- ; ind.p. gaṇayya- [with a-- negative, ]) , to count, number, enumerate, sum up, add up, reckon, take into account etc. ; to think worth, value (with instrumental case exempli gratia, 'for example' na gaṇayāmi taṃ tṛṇena-,"I do not value him at a straw" ) ; to consider, regard as (with double accusative) ; to enumerate among (locative case) ; to ascribe, attribute to (locative case) ; to attend to, take notice of (accusative;often with na-,not to care about, leave unnoticed) etc. ; to imagine, excogitate ; to count one's number (said of a flock or troop)
ghṛ cl.3 P. j/igharti- (cl.1. gharati- ), to besprinkle, wet, moisten : Causal (or cl.10 P.) ghārayati- idem or 'f. Name of a woman ' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
gṛ cl.1 P. garati-, to sprinkle, moisten (see ghṛ-.) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
jāgṛ cl.2. garti- (confer, compare ; cl.1. garati- sg. irregular gṛmi-, ;3. plural j/āgrati- etc.[ ]; imperative gṛh/i-, gṛtāt-, gṛtam-, gṛt/a-; subjunctive garat-; Potential gṛyāt-,or griy- ; imperfect tense /ajāgar-[ ] ; parasmE-pada j/āgrat-; rarely A1. jāgramāṇa- ; perfect tense Vedic or Veda g/āra-[ ] , 1. sg. g/ara-[ ], parasmE-pada gṛv/as-[see sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order ]; perfect tense class.[ ] jajāgāra-or jāgaraṃ-cakāra-; future 2nd jāgriṣy/ati- etc.[A1. ]; future 1st ritā- Va1rtt. 1 ; Aorist ajāgarīt-, ; Passive voice impersonal or used impersonally ajagāri-, ; preceding jāgaryāt-, ) to be awake or watchful etc. ; to awake ; to watch over, be attentive to or intent on, care for, provide, superintend (with locative case or locative case with /adhi-) etc. (with accusative ) ; (said of fire) to go on burning ; to be evident ; to look on : Causal (Aorist 2. and 3. sg. /ajīgar- imperative jigṛt/am-, t/a-) to awaken ; jāgarayati-, (; Aorist Passive voice impersonal or used impersonally añāgari-or gāri- ) idem or 'n. saffron ' ; ([ confer, compare ; Latin vi1gilo.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
praghṛP. -gharati-, to ooze out View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pūgatithamfn. numerous, manifold (see gaṇat-, bahut-). View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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nāga m. serpent, esp. as name of fabu lous serpents with human faces inhabiting the city of Bhogaratî in the infernal regions; elephant; a vital air (causing vomiting); N. of several plants; N.
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evānevāva sā garat # AVś.16.7.4.
girāv aragarāṭeṣu # AVś.6.69.1a; Vait.30.12; Kauś.10.24; 12.15; 13.6; 139.15.
jyok kṣatre 'dhi (AVP. adhi) jāgarat # AVś.19.24.2d; AVP.15.5.9d. See jyog rāṣṭre.
jyok poṣe adhi jāgarat (JG. -rāt) # HG.1.4.8d; JG.1.12d.
jyok śrotre 'dhi (AVPḥG.JG. adhi) jāgarat (JG. -rāt) # AVś.19.24.3d; AVP.15.5.10d; HG.1.4.8d; JG.1.12d.
jyog rāṣṭre adhi jāgarat (JG. -rāt) # HG.1.4.8d; JG.1.12d. See jyok kṣatre.
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prayogaratnamālāname of a recognised treatise on grammar written by पुरुषोत्तमविद्यावागीश of Bengal in the fourteenth century. The treatise explains many words which, although current in language and literature, cannot be easily formed by rules of grammar. The author has tried to form them by applying rules of grammar given in the grammatical systems of Panini and Katantra. The alphabet given in this treatise is according to the system of the Tantra Sastra which shows a scholarship of the author in that branch The grammar was studied much in Bengal and Assam.
puruṣottamavidyāvāgīśaa famous grammarian of Bengal, who wrote the grammar work Prayogaratnamala in the fifteenth century. The work betrays a deep study and scholarship of the writer in the Mantrasāstra.


steamed rice cake served as breakfast, first mentioned as iddari in Yogaratnākara.


a treatise of āyurveda authored by Nayanasekhara (17th Century ).

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aśvaiḥ cālyamānaḥ rathaḥ।

samudrataṭe vayaṃ turagarathena āṭām।



tripurārājyasya rājadhānī।

agaratalāpradeśe paribhramaṇāya akṭūbaramāsam ārabhya mārcamāsaparyantaṃ vartamānaḥ samayaḥ uttamaḥ bhavati।




nāgarathasya varṇanaṃ purāṇeṣu prāpyate।

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