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gantum: Infinitivegam
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anugamcl.1 P. -gacchati-, -gantum-, to go after, follow, seek, approach, visit, arrive ; to practise, observe, obey, imitate ; to enter into ; to die out, be extinguished: Causal -gamayati-, to imitate cause to die out. View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
gam Ved. cl.1 P. g/amati- (; subjunctive gamam-, g/amat-[ gamātas-, gamātha- ], gamāma-, gaman- ; Potential gam/ema- ; infinitive mood g/amadhyai- ) : cl.2 P. g/anti- (; imperative 3. sg. gantu-,[2. sg. gadhi-See ā--,or gahi-See adhi--, abhy-ā--, ā--, upā--],2. plural g/antā-or gantana- ; imperfect tense 2. and 3. sg. /agan-[ ] , 1. plural /aganma-[ ; confer, compare ] , 3. plural /agman- ; subjunctive [or Aorist subjunctive confer, compare ]1. plural ganma-,3. plural gm/an- ; Potential 2. sg. gamyās- ; preceding 3. sg. gamy/ās- ; pr. p. gm/at-, ) : cl.3 P. jaganti- (; Potential jagamyām-, yāt- ; imperfect tense 2. and 3. sg. ajagan-,2. plural ajaganta-or tana- ) : Ved. and Class. cl.1 P. (also A1. etc.) , with substitution of gacch- ([= ]) for gam-, g/acchati- (confer, compare ; subjunctive cchāti- ;2. sg. gacchās-[ ] or gacchāsi-[ ];2. plural gacchāta- ;3. plural g/acchān- ; imperfect tense /agacchat-; Potential gacchet-; pr. p. g/acchat- etc.; Aorist agamat- ;for A1.with prepositions confer, compare future gamiṣyati- etc.; 1st future g/antā-[ ] etc.; perf. 1. sg. jagamā-[ ],3. sg. jagāma-,2. dual number jagmathur-,3. plural jagm/ur- etc.; parasmE-pada jaganv/as-[ etc.] or jagmivas- f. jagm/uṣī- etc.;Ved. infinitive mood g/antave-, g/antav/ai-;Class. infinitive mood gantum-:Ved. ind.p. gatvāya-, gatv/ī-;Class. ind.p. gatv/ā-[ etc.] , with prepositions -gamya-or -gatya- ) to go, move, go away, set out, come etc. ; to go to or towards, approach (with accusative or locative case or dative case [ ; confer, compare ] or prati-[ ]) etc. ; to go or pass (as time exempli gratia, 'for example' kāle gacchati-,time going on, in the course of time) ; to fall to the share of (accusative) etc. ; to go against with hostile intentions, attack ; to decease, die ; to approach carnally, have sexual intercourse with (accusative) etc. ; to go to any state or condition, undergo, partake of, participate in, receive, obtain (exempli gratia, 'for example' mitratāṃ gacchati-,"he goes to friendship" id est he becomes friendly) etc. ; jānubhyām avanīṃ-gam-,"to go to the earth with the knees", kneel down ; dharaṇīṃ mūrdhnā-gam-,"to go to the earth with the head", make a bow ; m/anasā-gam-, to go with the mind, observe, perceive ; (without m/anasā-) to observe, understand, guess ; (especially Passive voice gamyate-,"to be understood or meant") and ; doṣeṇa- or doṣato-gam-, to approach with an accusation, ascribe guilt to a person (accusative) : Causal gamayati- (; imperative 2. sg. Ved. gamayā-or gāmaya-[ ] , 3. sg. gamayatāt- ; perf. gamay/āṃ cakāra- etc.) to cause to go ( ) or come, lead or conduct towards, send to (dative case ), bring to a place (accusative [ ] or locative case) etc. ; to cause to go to any condition, cause to become etc. ; to impart, grant ; to send away ; "to let go", not care about ; to excel ; to spend time etc. ; to cause to understand, make clear or intelligible, explain ; to convey an idea or meaning, denote ; (causal of the causal) to cause a person (accusative) to go by means of jigamiśati- another : Desiderative j/igamiṣati- ( jigāṃsate- ; imperfect tense ajigāṃsat- ) to wish to go, be going ; to strive to obtain ; to wish to bring (to light, prak/āśam-) : Intensive j/aṅganti- (), jaṅgamīti- or jaṅgamyate- ( ), to visit (parasmE-pada g/anigmat-) (imperfect tense aganīgan-) ; ([ confer, compare ; Gothic qvam; English come; Latin venioforgvemio.])
kṛtakṣaṇamfn. one who waits for the right moment, one who waits impatiently for a person or thing (locative case,or accusative with prati-,or infinitive mood,or in compound; exempli gratia, 'for example' kṛta-kṣaṇāhaṃ te gamnaṃ prati-,I am waiting impatiently for thy going ; te bhūmiṇ gantuṃ kṛta-kṣaṇāḥ-,they are waiting for the time to proceed to the earth ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
ind. sometimes for the simple negative na- (exempli gratia, 'for example' katham mā bhūt-,how may it not be ; mā gantum arhasi-,thou oughtest not to go, R; mā bhūd āgataḥ-,can he not id est surely he must have arrived ) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
parigamP. -gacchati- (Aorist -agamat- ; -gman- ; perfect tense -jagmatuḥ- ; parasmE-pada -jaganvas- ; ind.p. -g/atyā- ; -gamya- ; infinitive mood -gantum- ) , to go round or about or through, circumambulate, surround, inclose etc. ; to come to any state or condition, get, attain (accusative) : Passive voice -gamyate- : Causal -gamayati-, to cause to go round, to pass or spend (time) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
yatitan. also imp. (exempli gratia, 'for example' tam mayā gantum-,it was tried by me to go) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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yukta pp. (√ yug) yoked, to (lc.), with (in.); employed, occupied, engaged in, devoted to, intent on (lc. or --°ree;); applied; equipped, prepared, for (d., --°ree;); busied or occupied with (in.); absorbed in (lc.); con centrated, intent, attentive (cpv. -tara, very much on one's guard against: lc.; spv. -tama, supremely concentrated or intent); skilled, experienced, in (lc.); joined, united, combined, following in regular succession; furnished or endowed with, accompanied by, possessed of (in., --°ree;); being in conjunc tion with a constellation (in.); making use of (an opportunity, kâlena); come into connexion with (in.); connected with, re lating to (--°ree;); bound to, dependent on (--°ree;); fit, proper, becoming, for (g., lc.); right, cor rect; suitable to (--°ree;); auspicious, favourable (fate, moment); prosperous, thriving; faring or acting (thus, tathâ); primitive (opp. de rivative: gr.): °ree;-or -m, suitably, properly, duly, rightly; yuktam yad, it is suitable that --; na yuktam anayos tatra gantum, it is not suitable for them to go there; na yuktam bhavatâ, it is not seemly for you to (inf.); n. yoke, team; connexion, combina tion; fitness: in. yukténa, suitably; con formably to (reason, --°ree;).
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gantum just desiring to startSB 1.8.8
gantum to enter into the knowledgeSB 8.3.6
gantum to goSB 11.6.39
gantum to go from that placeSB 4.20.34
gantum to go furtherSB 10.7.26
gantum to go outSB 4.28.14
gantum to goingSB 10.84.27
gantum anyathā to become otherwiseSB 8.17.17
gantum anyathā to become otherwiseSB 8.17.17
adhigantum to attainSB 4.12.41
adhigantum to understand fullySB 5.16.4
bahiḥ gantum to go outsideSB 10.3.47
bahiḥ gantum to go outsideSB 10.3.47
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