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drupada: masculine vocative singular stem: drupada
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drupadan. a wooden pillar, a post (to which captives are tied), any pillar or column View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
drupadam. Name of a king of the pañcāla-s (son of pṛṣata- and father of dhṛṣṭa-dyumna-, of śikhaṇḍinī- or śikhaṇḍinī-, and of kṛṣṇā-, the wife of the pāṇḍu- princes, hence called draupadī-)
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drupada n. wooden column, post; m. N. of a king of the Pâñkâlas; â, f. N. of a verse in the TB. (II, vi, 6, 3).
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drupada A ‘wooden pillar’ or ‘ post,’ is several times referred to in the Rigveda and later. śunahsepa was bound to three posts for sacrifice. Thieves, there is some evidence to show, were tied to posts as a penalty for stealing.
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drupada noun (masculine) name of a king of the Pañcālas (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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