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ditsate: neuter dative singular desiderative stem: ditsat.
ditsate: masculine dative singular desiderative stem: ditsat.
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ādhāP. A1. -dadhāti-, -dhatte- (in the later language usually A1.), 1. sg. -dadhāmi- ; imperative 2. sg. ā-dhehi- ; perfect tense 3. plural -dadh/us- ; Aorist 3. plural -dhus- ; parasmE-pada -dadhāna-, parasmE-pada Passive voice -dhīyamāna- (in compound exempli gratia, 'for example' ā-dhīyamāna-citta- ) ; perf. -dadhau-, etc. ; ([see under1. dhā-]), (P.and A1.) to place on, put down, deposit, put ; to impregnate, instil (exempli gratia, 'for example' good sentiments) , impress, direct ; to apply, appoint etc. ; to add (fuel to fire) etc. ; to give or deposit in pledge, stake (money) ; to give, supply, lend, deliver etc. ; to accept, receive etc. ; to make, constitute, effect etc. ; (only A1.) to keep, preserve, appropriate to one's self, hold, possess, take ; to conceive (as a woman), get children etc.: Causal -dhāpayati-, to cause to put: Desiderative A1. -dhitsate-, to wish to kindle (a fire) : P. (parasmE-pada -dhitsat-) to be about to take up (a stick for punishing) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
nidhāP. A1. -dadhāti-, -dhatte-, to put or lay down, deposit, lay up, preserve (A1.for one's self) ; to intrust, commit, present to (dative case or locative case) ; put into, fix in (locative case,or locative case with ant/ar-,or antar- in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound') etc. ; put or lay before a person (dative case) ; (with bhūmau-[ ]or avaṭe-[ ]) to bury ; (with śirasi-,rarely -) to esteem highly ; (with dṛśam-) to fix the eyes upon (locative case) ; (with manas-) to fix or direct the thoughts upon or towards id est resolve, determine to (dative case) ; (with manasi-, -,or hṛdaye-) to keep in mind, bear in mind, remember, lay to heart ; (with hṛdayam-) to give one's heart to (locative case) ; (with ātmānam-) to intrust one's self to (locative case) ; (with kriyām-) to take pains with (locative case) ; (with karmaṇi-) to appoint a person to a work ; to keep down, restrain ; to end, close : Passive voice -dhīyate-, to be put or laid down etc. ; to be contained or situated or absorbed in, to rest in (locative case) etc. etc.: Causal -dhāpayati-, to cause to be put or laid down etc. ; to cause to be deposited or preserved ; to lay up, preserve ; to appoint : Desiderative -dhitsate-, to intend to put down etc. : Intensive n/idedhyat- (?) , to settle down
paridhāP. A1. -dadhāti-, -dhatte-, (perfect tense -dadhur-, -dadhire-; future -dhāsyati-; Aorist -dhāt-, -dhīmahi-; ind.p. -dh/āya-;Ved. infinitive mood p/ari-dhātav/ai-), to lay or put or place or set round etc. ; to cast round, turn upon (dṛṣṭim-,with locative case ) ; to put on, wear (with or sc. vāsas-), dress etc. ; surround, envelop, enclose etc. ; to conclude or close (the recitation of a hymn) : Causal -dhāpayati- (ind.p. yitvā- ), to cause a person to wrap round or put on (2 accusative) etc. ; to clothe with (instrumental case) : Desiderative -dhitsate-, to wish to put on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
pradāP. -dadāti-, rarely A1. -datte-, (Ved. infinitive mood pr/a-dātos- ;irreg. Potential P. -dadet- ), to give away, give, offer, present, grant, bestow etc. etc. (with or scilicet bhāryām-,to give in marriage;with prativacas-,to grant an answer;with pravṛttim-,to information about an event;with yuddham-,to grant battle;with dvaṃdva-yuddham-,to engage in single combat;with vidyām-,to communicate or impart knowledge;with hutāśanam-,to set fire to) ; to give up, abolish ; to sell (with instrumental case of price) ; to restore (anything lost etc.) ; to pay, discharge (a debt) ; to put or place in (locative case) : Passive voice -dīyate-, to be given away, be given etc.: Causal -dāpayati-, to cause to give etc. ; to compel to give back or to repay ; to cause to put in or to ; to put or place in (locative case) ; (with vastim-), to apply a clyster : Desiderative -ditsate-, to wish to give in marriage
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