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dhatsva: second person singular present imperative class 3 ātmanepadadhā
Bloomfield Vedic
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dhatsva vīraṃ karmaṇyam AVP.11.1.4a.
Vedabase Search
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dhatsva makeSB 7.8.9
ādhatsva fixBG 12.8
ādhatsva take upSB 3.19.10
samādhatsva completely absorbSB 11.14.28
śraddhatsva you may rest assuredSB 3.33.11
śraddhatsva accept it as factSB 4.29.65
vidhatsva performSB 3.15.9
vidhatsva giveSB 4.20.13
vidhatsva giveSB 4.20.24
vidhatsva please take stepsSB 7.3.12
vidhatsva kindly do the needfulSB 8.6.14
vidhatsva kindly bestow upon usSB 8.6.15
vidhatsva must executeSB 8.9.6
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