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daṃś cl.1. (originally cl.6.) d/aśati- (; A1. ; parasmE-pada d/aśat- etc.; perfect tense dadaṃśa-; plural śur- ; parasmE-pada dadaśv/as- ; future daṅkṣyati- ; daṃṣṭā- ;1. plural daśiṣyāmas- ; Aorist adāṅkṣīt- ; plural ṣur- ; ind.p. daṃṣṭvā- ; cl.1. daṃśati- ) to bite etc.: Causal to cause to bite ; to cause to be bitten by (instrumental case) : Intensive dandaśyate-, śīti- ; dandaṣṭi-, daṃṣṭi- ; parasmE-pada d/andaśāna- (confer, compare ś/ūka-) repeatedly biting : Causal of Intensive (ind.p. dandaśayitvā-) causing to be bitten by (instrumental case) ; ([ confer, compare ; Gothic tahyan.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
dāś (the finite forms only in and once in See below) cl.1 P. d/āśti-, A1. te- (rarely cl.2.5. P. dāṣṭi-, ; dāśn/oti-, [the latter also = dās-]; perfect tense dad/āsa-, ; subjunctive d/adāśati-, śas-, śat-, ; parasmE-pada dadāśv/as-[ dative case ś/uṣe-, ], dāśiv/as-[only ] and dāśv/as-[see below]), to serve or honour a god (dative case or accusative) with (instrumental case), ; offer or present (accusative) to (dative case), grant, give, bestow, : Causal P. dāśayati-, offer, present [ confer, compare daśasya-,and Greek in -a-, -a-.] View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
das cl.1.4. (parasmE-pada d/asamāna-; imperfect tense plural adasyan-) to suffer want, become exhausted () ; equals upa-- kṣip- : Causal A1. (1. sg. saye-; subjunctive plural sayanta-) to exhaust, ; see apa--, upa--, anūpa--, pra--, vi-- ; saṃ-dadasv/as-, draviṇo-d/as- ; View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
saṃdas(only perfect tense parasmE-pada P. -dadasv/as-), to die out or become extinguished (as fire) (according to to saṃ-dadasvas- equals samyakprayacchat-).
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