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cinumas: first person plural present present class 5 parasmaipadaci
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ci cl.5. cin/oti-, nute- (1. plural cinumas-and nmas- ; perf. cikāya-and cicāya-, ;2. cicetha-, ;3. plural ciky/ur- ; parasmE-pada cikivas- ; A1. cikye-and cicye- ; parasmE-pada cikyān/a- v; 2nd future parasmE-pada ceṣyat- ; 1st future cetā- ; Aorist acaiṣīt- on ;Ved. cikayām akar-, ;1. sg. acaiṣam-,2. sg. acais- ;3. plural acaiṣur- ; A1. aceṣṭa- ; preceding ceṣīṣṭa- , or cīyāt-, ; ind.p. citv/ā- etc.; Passive voice cīyate- etc.; future cāyiṣyate-& ceṣy- Conditional acāyiṣyata-& aceṣy- ) to arrange in order, heap up, pile up, construct (a sacrificial altar; P.,if the priests construct the altar for another; A1.,if the sacrificer builds it for himself) ; to collect, gather together, accumulate, acquire for one's self ; to search through (for collecting; see 2. ci-) () ; to cover, inlay, set with ; Passive voice cīyate-, to become covered with ; to increase, thrive () : Causal cayayati- and capay-, to heap up, gather ; cāyayati- and cāpay- : Desiderative cikīṣate- (also ti-, ) to wish to pile up ; cicīṣati- ( [ed. vivīṣ-] ) to wish to accumulate or collect : Desiderative Causal (parasmE-pada cicīṣayat-) to cause any one to wish to arrange in order : Intensive cecīyate- on View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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