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ci Ved. cl.3. (ciketi-,fr. ki- ; imperative ciketu- ; subjunctive A1. c/iketa-; imperfect tense aciket- ; Aorist 2. plural A1. /acidhvam- ;3. sg. acait-; cikayām akaḥ-[fr.4. cit- ], ) to observe, perceive (with accusative or genitive case) ; to fix the gaze upon, be intent upon ; to seek for : Class. cl.5. cinoti- (parasmE-pada nvat-, A1. nvāna-) to seek for, investigate, search through, make inquiries (confer, compare 1. ci-) : Intensive cekite- See 4. cit-; ([ confer, compare Latin scio.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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