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chemaṇḍam. equals cham-, an orphan View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
chemuṇāf. idem or 'm. equals cham-, an orphan ' View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
chemuṇāf. see chā- View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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chemaṇḍaḥ छेमण्डः An orphan.
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abhisaṃdhaka a. cheating; -samdhâ, f. statement, speech; -samdhâna, n. connexion; statement; intention; decep tion; -samdhi, m. intention; scheme; con dition: -pûrva, a. intentional: -kam, ad.with a definite purpose; -sambandha, m. connexion; relation.
upakrama m. approach; applica tion, treatment; beginning; design, scheme; first project of a work; means, expedient; -anîya, fp. to be begun; -krânta, (pp.) n. beginning; -krâmya, fp. to be treated (disease).
dhātukuśala a. skilled in metal lurgy; -kriyâ, f. metallurgy; -garbha-kum bha, m. ash-pot; -ghoshâ, f. T. of a work on verbal roots; -kûrna, n. mineral powder; -pâtha, m. list of verbal roots (ascribed to Pânini); -mat, a. containing elements; abounding in minerals: -tâ, f. richness in minerals; -maya, a. (î) consisting of or a bounding in metals or minerals; -vâda, m. art of assaying, metallurgy; alchemy; -vâd in, m. assayer; -visha, n. mineral poison; -vritti, f. (Sâyana's) commentary on the verbal roots.
paryālocana n. deliberation; â, f. id.; plan, scheme.
rasapācaka m. cook; -praban dha, m. poetical work, drama; -bhâva-vid, a. knowing the sentiments and emotions; -maya, a. (î) consisting of juice, fluid, water, or quicksilver; charming; -râga, m.quick silver; (rása)-vat, a. juicy, succulent; well flavoured, savoury; filled with juice; sup plied with moisture (field); overflowing with (in.); tasteful, charming; n. tasteful style: -î, f. kitchen; meal; -vat-tâ, f. juiciness; savouriness; tastefulness; -vâda, m. alchemy; -vikrayin, a. vendor of liquors or juices; -vikretri, m. id.; -vid, a. knowing the taste; having good taste; -sâstra, n. alchemy; -sodhana, n. purification of quicksilver; -sid dha,pp. (adept in quicksilver=) skilled in alchemy; familiar with poetical sentiments; -siddhi, f. (adeptness in quicksilver), skill in alchemy.
saṃvijñāna n. implication; knowledge: -bhûta, pp. generally known; -vitti, f. knowledge; perception, sense, of (--°ree;); 1. -víd, f. V., C.: consciousness, of (--°ree;); knowledge; understanding, agreement, cove nant, regarding (--°ree;; ord. mg.); C.: feeling, of (--°ree;); plan, scheme; conversation, about (--°ree;); established usage, custom; name; gratification: -am kri, sthâpaya, or vi-dhâ, make an agreement, with (in. ± saha, g.), to (d., inf.), regarding (--°ree;); -am la&ndot;ghaya or vi½ati-kram, break an agreement; 2. -víd, f. acquisition, property (V.); -vida, a. con scious (in a-, Br.); n. agreement (perh. incorr. for -vid); -vidhâ, f. arrangement, contriv ance, preparation; mode of life; -vidhâ tavya, fp. to be arranged, contrived, or man aged; n. imps. one should act; -vidhâtri, m. arranger, ordainer, creator, god; -vidhâna, n. arrangement, contrivance, preparation: -ka, n. peculiar mode of action; -vidhi, m. arrangement, preparation, provision; -vidhe ya, fp. to be brought about; -vibhagana, n. sharing with another; -vibhaganîya, fp. to be distributed among (d.); -vibhâga, m. par tition, sharing with others; bestowal of a share, on (d., lc.); bestowal or distribution of (--°ree;); causing to participate in (--°ree;); giving (an order, --°ree;); share: -m kri, Â. partici pate inanything (in.) with any one (g.): -sîla, a. accustomed to share with others; -vibhâgi-tva, n. virtue of sharing with others; -vibhâgin, a. accustomed to share with others, in the habit of sharing with (g.); receiving a share of (g.); -vibhâgya, a. to be presented with something; -vîta, pp. √ vyâ; n. clothing.
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agniṃ purīṣyam aṅgirasvad achemaḥ # VS.11.16; TS.;; MS.2.7.2: 75.8; 3.1.3: 4.13; KS.16.1; 19.2; śB.; Mś.; Apś.16.2.6. P: agniṃ purīṣyam Kś.16.2.11. Cf. agneḥ purīṣam etc.
atha gachema sukṛtasya lokam # AVś.6.121.1d; 7.83.4d; 11.1.8c.
āyuṣmanto jarām upagachema devāḥ (KS. jīvāḥ) # KS.38.14d; Apś.16.19.1d. See āyuṣmāṃ jaradaṣṭir yathāsāni.
etaiḥ sukṛtair anu gachema yajñam # AVś.11.1.36c. See ebhiḥ sukṛtair, and cf. idam-idaṃ sukṛtam.
ebhiḥ sukṛtair anugachema devāḥ # MS.2.12.4c: 148.5. See under etaiḥ sukṛtair.
taṃ patnībhir anugachema devāḥ # VS.15.50a; TS.; MS.2.12.4a: 147.8; KS.18.18a; śB.
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vāyu-arka-saṃyoga-vipākena because of a chemical reaction with the air and sunshineSB 5.16.20-21
arthān schemesSB 4.18.5
vāyu-arka-saṃyoga-vipākena because of a chemical reaction with the air and sunshineSB 5.16.20-21
vāyu-arka-saṃyoga-vipākena because of a chemical reaction with the air and sunshineSB 5.16.20-21
vāyu-arka-saṃyoga-vipākena because of a chemical reaction with the air and sunshineSB 5.16.20-21


antimony; a chemical element with symmetalloid, it is found in nature mainly as the sulfide mineral stibnite.bol Sb (Latin: stibium). A lustrous gray


pouring of smelted metal into liquids, a process in medicinal alchemy.


hour-glass apparatus used in medicinal alchemy; two small drums or earthen pots joined at mouths.


a crucible used in medicinal alchemy.


property; trait; character; physio-chemical and pharmacodynamic properties of a substance.


primary alchemical substances, mercury (pādarasa), vermillion (hingulīka), mica (abhraka), loadstone (kāntaloha), iron pyrites (vimala), pyrites (mākṣika), tourmaline (vaikrānta), conch (śankha).


alchemist, surgeon, logician and philosopher. Apparently there were more than one Nāgārjuna in the history of ayurveda and Buddhism. Andhra Nāgārjuna was born in Vedali village near Śrīparvatam and famed as ayurveda Nāgārjuna.


immobalizing mercury, a process in medicinal alchemy.


a treatise on medicinal alchemy by Jnana Chandra.


1. ruby-like-chemical, 2. mercury based preparation used in skin diseases.


a text on medicinal alchemy of 20th century authored by Yadavji Trikamji Acharya.


pharmaceutical / alchemical laboratory.


medical mineralogy and medicinal alchemy.


medicinal alchemy and pharmaceutics.


nourishment of the seven dhatus; promotive therapy; a medicine supposed to prevent the ageing process and prolong life, rejuvenating therapy, alchemy, ayurvedic venation therapy, alchemical elixir.


a treatise on medicinal alchemy by Ramakrishna Bhatta.


rites with scientific significance on reaching developmental milestones; refining; forming well, alchemical operations.


a text on alchemy witten by Sarvajana in the 18th Century ; available in bookform.


secondary mineral, secondary alchemical reagents.

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anātha, nirnātha, chemaṇḍa, chamaṇḍa   

yasya nāthaḥ nāsti।

śyāmena svasya jīvanam anāthānāṃ pālanārthe vyatitam।

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