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cakarur: third person plural tense paradigm perfect class parasmaipadakṝ
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kṝ cl.6 P. kir/ati- (; perf. -cakāra- ; 2nd future kariṣyati-; 1st future karitā-or karītā- ; Aorist akārīt-[Ved. s/aṃ k/āriṣat-]; ind.p. -kīrya-; Passive voice kīryate-), to pour out, scatter, throw, cast, disperse etc. ; to throw up in a heap, heap up : A1. kirate-, to throw off from one's self : P. to strew, pour over, fill with, cover with ; (perf. 3. plural cakarur-) : Desiderative cikariṣati- : Intensive cākarti- ; ([ confer, compare Greek , .]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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