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cacartha: second person singular tense paradigm perfect class parasmaipadacar
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"car" has 2 results.
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√चर्cargoing / gati347/3Cl.1
√चर्cardoubting / saṃśaya1117/3Cl.10
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car cl.1. c/arati-, rarely te- (subjunctive c/arat-,3 plural c/arān- ; perf. cac/āra-[ etc.] , 2 sg. cacartha- ; plural cerur-,etc.; ratur- etc.; A1. cere- ; future cariṣyati-, te-; Aorist acārīt-[ ]; infinitive mood c/aritum-[ ]or cartum-[ ] , Vedic or Veda car/adhyai-[ ], c/aritave-[ ], car/ase-[ ], car/āyai-[ ], caritos-[ ]; ind.p. caritv/ā- ; cartvā- ; cīrtvā-, ; parasmE-pada c/arat-) to move one's self, go, walk, move, stir, roam about, wander (said of men, animals, water, ships, stars, etc.) etc. ; to spread, be diffused (as fire) ; to move or travel through, pervade, go along, follow etc. ; to behave, conduct one's self, act, live, treat (with instrumental case or locative case) etc. ; to be engaged in, occupied or busy with (instr exempli gratia, 'for example' yajñ/ena c-,"to be engaged in a sacrifice" ) etc. ; (with[ ]or without[ ] mithun/am-) to have intercourse with, have to do with (instrumental case) ; (with a parasmE-pada or adjective (cf. mfn.) or ind.p. or adverb) to continue performing or being (exempli gratia, 'for example' arcantaś cerur-,"they continued worshipping"; svāminam avajñāya caret-,"he may go on despising his master") etc. ; (in astronomy) to be in any asterism or conjunction ; to undertake, set about, under go, observe, practise, do or act in general, effect, make (exempli gratia, 'for example' vrat/āni-"to observe vows" etc.; vighnaṃ c-,"to put a hindrance"; bhaikṣaṃ c-"to beg"; vivādaṃ c-,"to be engaged in a lawsuit"; mṛgayāṃ c-,"to hunt" ; sambandhāṃś c-,"to enter into connections"; mārgaṃ cacāra bāṇaiḥ-,"he made a way with arrows"; tapasā indriyāṇi c-,to exercise one's organs with penance ) etc. ; to consume, eat (with accusative), graze ; to make or render (with double accusative) exempli gratia, 'for example' nar/endraṃ satya-sthaṃ carāma-,"let us make the king keep his word" : Causal cārayati-, to cause to move or walk about (Aorist /acīcarat-) ; to pasture ; to send, direct, turn, move etc. ; to cause any one (accusative) to walk through (accusative) ; to drive away from (ablative) ; to cause any one (accusative) to practise or perform (with accusative) ; to cause (any animal accusative) to eat ; to cause to copulate ; to ascertain (as through a spy instrumental case) ; to doubt (see vi--) : Desiderative cicariṣati-, to try to go (parasmE-pada cicarṣat-) ; to wish to act or conduct one's self ; to try to have intercourse with (instrumental case), : Intensive carcarīti- A1. or rarely ([ ]) Passive voice cañcūryate- (curīti-and cūrti- ; ind.p. cūrya- ; parasmE-pada once P. cūryat- ) to move quickly or repeatedly, walk about, roam about (in locative case) etc. ; to act wantonly or coquettishly (see ) ; ([ see, etc.])
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car चर् 1 P. (चरति, चचार, अचारीत्, चरितुम्, चरित or sometimes चीर्ण) 1 To walk, move, go about, roam, wander; नष्टाशङ्का हरिणशिशवो मन्दमन्दं चरन्ति Ś.1.15 (चर् may mean here 'to graze' also); इन्द्रियाणां हि चरताम् Bg.2.67; कपय- श्चेरुरार्तस्य रामस्येव मनोरथाः R.12.59; Ms.2.23,6.68; 8.236;9.36;1.55. -2 (a) To perform, do, act; रचयति रेखाः सलिले यस्तु खले चरति सत्कारम् Bv.1.98. (b) To practise, perform, observe; चरतः किल दुश्चरं तपः R.8.79; Y.1.6; Ms.3.3. -3 To act, behave towards, conduct oneself (oft. with loc. of the person); चरतीनां च कामतः Ms.5.9;9.287; आत्मवत्सर्वभूतेषु यश्चरेत् Mb; तस्यां त्वं साधु नाचरः R.1.76 (where the root may be also आचर्). -4 To graze; सुचिरं हि चरन् शस्यम् H.3.9. -5 To eat, consume. -6 To be engaged in, be busy with. -7 To live, continue to be, continue in any state. -8 To spread, be diffused. -9 To live, be, exist. -1 To move, travel through, pervade, go along, follow. -Caus. (चार- यति) 1 To cause to move or go. -2 To send, direct, move. -3 To drive away. -4 To cause to perform or practise. -5 To cause to copulate. -6 To cause to graze, pasture. -7 To obtain knowledge of, acquaint oneself with. -8 To doubt. [cf. L. curro.]
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car car fare, I. cárati, -te, iv. 51, 6. 9; viii. 29, 8; x. 14, 12; 168, 4. abhí- bewitch, x. 34, 14. á̄- approach, iv. 51, 8. prá- go forward, enter, viii. 48, 6. abhí sám- come together, viii. 48, 1.
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car noun (masculine) [gramm.] the root car
Frequency rank 34916/72933
car verb (class 1 ātmanepada) img/alchemy.bmp grās karnā
Frequency rank 210/72933

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