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bhruvas: feminine nominative plural stem: bhrū
bhruvas: feminine accusative plural stem: bhrū
bhruvas: feminine ablative singular stem: bhrū
bhruvas: feminine genitive singular stem: bhrū
bhruvas: feminine vocative plural stem: bhrū
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bhrūf. (according to to bhram-) an eyebrow, the brow (in fine compositi or 'at the end of a compound' m.(u-or ū-)n(u-).; also -bhrūka-). ([Cf Greek ; Slavonic or Slavonian bru8vi8; Anglo-Saxon bru-; English brow.]) View this entry on the original dictionary page scan.
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bhrū भ्रू f. [भ्रम्-डू Uṇ.2.68] Brow, eyebrow; कान्तिर्भ्रुवो- रायतलेखयोर्या Ku.1.47; विवर्तितभ्रूरियमद्य शिक्षते -Comp. -कुटिः, -टी f. contraction or knitting of the eyebrows, a frown. ˚बन्धः, ˚रचना bending or knitting the eyebrows; ˚मुखम् a frowning face; भ्रूकुटिं बन्ध् or रच् 'to knit the eyebrows, to frown'. -क्षेपः contraction of the eyebrows; भ्रूक्षेपमात्रानुमतप्रवेशाम् Ku.3.6. ˚आलापः the language of frowns; -जाहम् the root of the eyebrow. -भङ्गः, -भेदः contraction or knitting of the eyebrows, a frown; तरङ्गभ्रूभङ्गा क्षुभितविहगश्रेणिरशना V.4.28; सभ्रूभङ्गं मुखमिव Me.24; सभ्रूभङ्गम् 'with a frown'. -भेदिन् a. frowning. -मण्डलम् the arch of the eyebrow. -मध्यम् the space between the eye-brows. -लता a creeper-like eyebrow, an arched or curving eyebrow. -वञ्चितम् a stolen glance. -विकारः, -विक्रिया, -विक्षेपः contraction of the eyebrows, frowning. -विचेष्टितम्, -विभ्रमः -विलासः graceful or playful movement of the eyebrows, amorous play of the brows; सभ्रूविलासमथ सो$यमि- तीरयित्वा Māl.1.25; Me.16. -विजृम्भः, -म्भणम् the bending of the brows.
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bhrū f. brow, eyebrow (--°ree; a., m. &ubrevcirc;, n. u): -ka, --°ree; a. id.; -kutî, f. contraction of the brows, frown (-m kri or bandh, knit the eyebrows): -mukha, n. frowning face; a. having a frowning face; -kshepa, m.: -na, n. contraction of the brows, frown; -kâpa½â krishta-mukta, pp. drawn and discharged from the bow of the eyebrow.
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bhrū eyebrowSB 10.72.44
bhrū eyebrowsCC Madhya 14.190
SB 2.1.30
bhrū of his eyebrowsSB 10.67.13
bhrū of the eyebrowsSB 10.61.4
SB 7.9.23
bhrū of their eyebrowsSB 10.33.7
bhrū of whose eyebrowsSB 10.47.15
bhrū two eyebrowsCC Madhya 21.129
bhrū whose eyebrowsSB 10.39.46-48
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bhrū noun (feminine) an eyebrow (Monier-Williams, Sir M. (1988))

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